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Rehabilitation Prescription – a discussion

Posted by on Apr 8, 2018 in Events and Meetings |

On 15th March 2018 at the SEABIF meeting the “Rehabilitation Prescription” (RP) was discussed. The “RP” is intended to support the rehabilitation needs of the brain injury survivor post discharge from hospital.

The forum identified the following blocks to the “RP”-

1. Not consistently provided to individuals or GP;

2. It takes a clinician a long time to do a “RP”. It was disheartening to later learn that other professionals did not use the “RP”; perhaps due to lack of available resource;

3. The “RP” could become outdated due to a) at what point the “RP” was prepared, and b) the neurological progress of the patient;

4. The title “Rehabilitation Prescription” can infer to the individual that it is a rigid solution;

The forum considered the following may improve the benefit of the “RP”:-

i). Change in title to “Rehabilitation Plan” to infer that it will develop as the individual’s needs change;

ii) Implement “RP” as part of the Hospital “Discharge Summary” because that document is almost always provided to the individual, their General Practitioner and available within the notes.

iii) Improve access to neurological services across the South of England to ensure that a General Practitioner can refer an individual for the required support within their locality.